jeudi 31 mars 2011

Track your money

The monitoring tab let you easily follow and organize your bills. This tab is a monthly view of your expenses/incomes.

- Calendar Button: allow you to move in month view,

- List of bills: use a long click on a bill to see the description. Color square indicates the category of the bill.

- Use the button menu to organize your bills by filtering or sorting.

- Switch between your accounts using the "switch account" menu.

- Use "My bank" menu to go on the wbsite of your bank. Configuration of this URL is available in the configuration tab.

Create an account

When EasyBudget will be installed for the first time on your phone or tablet, application will propose you to create your first account as the folowing picture :

You must fill all the fields indicate with (*).
Those fields are obligatory to make application working.
You couldn't save your account without those information.

- Name: the name of your account

- Amount: current amount of money on this account

- Desc: a little description of this account

You could create new account, edit, modify or remove one using the menu "Accounts" in the configuration tab.


EasyBudget is an application which permit user to easily manage few budgets. This software offer you to build statistics on your budgets and manage your own categories of bills.

Available features:    - manage few accounts,
                                - transfer between accounts,
                                - add, edit and remove bills,
                                - associate bill categories,
                                - manage your categories,
                                - recurent bills including notifications,
                                - build statistics
                                - filter and sort bills.

You can post your remarks on this blog to track bugs or about ideas for development of new features. Write your post in French or in English, even if I have a preference for French ;-)

You could find this app on Android Market, follow this link: